An attorney who specializes in real estate transactions can be beneficial when buying or selling a home. There are also specific rules during closing and other times when an attorney can advise you regarding Florida laws that regulate real property.

Many people look to purchase homes in Destin and throughout Florida each year, due to the fact that the state has a number of assets that are beneficial to investors, vacationers, and families looking to relocate.

The strength of Florida’s real estate market

Factors such as a continuous influx of retirees along with vacation property sales make Florida one of the most active and stable real estate markets in the country. The recent strength of the American economy as a whole also tends to be reflected in the volume of real estate transactions and property values. 

Low unemployment rates and projected economic growth mean that many families will look to relocate to the state in future years, especially in larger metro areas like Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville. Florida has more favorable taxation laws, along with a lower cost of living than many other highly developed states, which guarantees an influx of people looking to purchase property after leaving other parts of the country. Real estate prices will also continue to rise, meaning that prospective buyers should look to secure homes sooner rather than later.

The convenience of having an attorney available

Anyone who has ever been through buying a home and dealing with mortgage companies knows the process can be a headache. That is why the services of a lawyer are well worth the investment to take some of the stress away.

It is also important to realize that lawyers need to be assisting you early on in the real estate transaction process, before problems arise or as they come up. If a transaction has already had major issues, and an attorney is contacted after the fact, it is usually too late to fix the situation.

Closing documentation and related issues

Aside from the fees that must be paid at closing, there is a significant amount of paperwork that a buyer must fill out before the transaction can be finalized. It is crucial to have an attorney present to guide you through the process and explain what the documents mean. Mistakes or omissions during this transaction can create serious issues at a later time. Most states also require this process to be completed by an attorney, rather than a real estate agent, title company, or other professional.

Specialists and local laws 

Real estate attorneys have expertise that is specific to property transactions, and they know of local laws and regulations which may affect you. This is why it is necessary to only contract attorneys licensed in the state where you wish to buy, and they need to specialize in real estate. It is rare that generalist lawyers will handle real estate transactions.

Talk to an attorney in your area

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