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If your mortgage loan hasn’t been paid for a month or two, more than likely you will receive a phone call from your lender requesting that a payment be made. Your mortgage loan won’t be considered “in default” at first, but if you continue to miss payments, your lender is eventually going to assume you aren’t going to pay and will then consider your account to be in default. When this happens, they could very well begin the foreclosure process, and that starts with a notice of intent that is sent to you. Once the foreclosure process begins, you are going to want to plan carefully as you risk losing your home to your lender who is seeking the unpaid debts that are due.

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Has My Home Been Foreclosed on Once I Receive Notice?

Your home is not officially foreclosed on once your lender has sent out your first initial notice. It is required by law that they must send this notice to serve as a warning letting you know your home will eventually be foreclosed on if you continue missing payments. Your home will be foreclosed on anywhere from 90-120 days depending on how fast your lender is acting. Because Rhode Island uses the non-judicial foreclosure process, your lender doesn’t have to take you to court in order to foreclose on your home. This makes the timeframe to do this much quicker which isn’t exactly a plus for you.


What happens once my home is officially under the foreclosure process?

As mentioned, if you continue to miss payments and you aren’t working with your lender to repay them what you are financially obligated to pay based on the terms of the contract you signed, your property is eventually going to be put up for sale. According the, your lender will publish a notice of the sale in the local paper. This foreclosure notice that is published will include the following information:

  • The description of the property.
  • The name of the borrower.
  • Other important information such as address, price point, etc.

If you fail to meet any demands or financial requests, your home will eventually be auctioned off in a public setting during business hours. The highest bidder is generally the person who wins the home unless you step in to buy it back.


How Can I Stop the Foreclosure Process from Continuing?

There are a few ways you can accomplish this. To temporarily stop your lender from seizing your property through foreclosure, you can:

  • File a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Hire a Rhode Island foreclosure attorney.
  • Set up a payment plan with your lender if they are willing to continue working with you.
  • Repay the total amount owed to bring your payments back current on your home.

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