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In the state of Oklahoma, when a bank or other lender hasn’t received a home mortgage payment within three to six months, they will then initiate the foreclosure process. There are generally six stages you can expect your lender to go through as they attempt to collect the money you owe through the foreclosure of your home. These six steps your lender will follow include:

  1. Mail out a Notice of Intent
  2. Serve the borrower with a Notice of Lawsuit
  3. Wait for borrower’s response
  4. Send out a Notice of Intent to Sell letter
  5. Hold a foreclosure auction
  6. The lender could repossess your home

While the process may vary slightly depending on your particular circumstances, you can expect that if you are behind on your mortgage payments, your lender is only going to wait a short period of time before they make attempts to collect all the unpaid debt that is due to them.

Have you defaulted on your mortgage payments? Are you at risk of losing your house to foreclosure? If you wish to learn more on how a foreclosure attorney in Oklahoma can assist you and increase your chances of keeping your property, give us a call today here at We can help you find a legal representative no matter what city you reside in.


What is a Notice of Intent?

According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma, your mortgage company is going to send out a letter which may be titled “Notice of Intention to Foreclose.” If you have received this, you may be worried, frustrated, and outright upset because you may have no other form of income that will allow you to meet the financial demands of your mortgage lender.

If you receive this letter, don’t take the matter lightly as it identifies a rather serious issue. You don’t want to ignore this letter and if you aren’t sure what steps you should take to begin repaying your lender back what you owe, you need one of our well-versed and qualified Oklahoma foreclosure lawyers working with you to help. If you choose to not address the letter, you risk having the foreclosure process continue on and you having your home sold at a sheriff’s sale.

Most foreclosure processes take 4-6 months before they are complete. This is because the state of Oklahoma follows a judicial foreclosure process, which means foreclosure is conducted through the court system. And as you know, the court system can sometimes take a long time before they get around to your matter.



What does this mean for you?

Because the foreclosure process can take months in Oklahoma, you still have time to regain control over the situation and find a way to repay some if not all of your debt. Our foreclosure lawyers in OK can even speak with your lender and negotiate an amount that can make this unfortunate matter go away.

Therefore, if you are behind on a few payments or have already been provided with a Notice of Intent to Sell, you need to take action immediately. We have agents who will gladly work with you, take down some information, and work to get you paired up with a nearby Oklahoma foreclosure attorney today.