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Generally, when an individual misses four mortgage payment on their home or property, their lender more than likely is going to begin the foreclosure process. Typically, you will receive a Notice of Default that notifies you that your home is either about to enter into the foreclosure process or that it already has. The foreclose process ranges in the number of months for it to be completed as every situation is different. For instance, if you have decided to negotiate with your lender on how to pay back the money owed, this can bring the process to a stop. But, if you fail to do so and aren’t trying to make any arrangements with your lender, they are likely going to push to get your home sold so they can recoup their money.

While foreclosure might work for some homeowners, it isn’t the best situation for all. Perhaps your home has a lot of history or you have nowhere else to go. This can become a serious issue, especially if you have a family living there. It isn’t easy learning that you might lose your home to foreclosure and there are ways you can stop it from happening.

At, we work with North Carolina foreclosure lawyers who can not only inform you of what your options are but also help you throughout the negotiation process. They are well informed on what to say, what your lender is going to want to hear, and what you can do to help sway your lender from foreclosing on your home and encouraging them to work out some sort of agreement with you.

We will help you find and retain an attorney in your city who is nearby to you free of charge. And best of all, the legal professionals featured on our site have the experience and knowledge you are going to want to help get you through this.


Is there a redemption period in North Carolina?

A redemption period in foreclosure gives the borrow the right to purchase their home back at the cost that was paid during the auction according to The deadline for a redemption period does vary and you might be permitted to repurchase your home even after 60 days after the auction took place.

But, one thing you do need in order to take advantage of the redemption period is you will need a lump sum of money. You might also be required to pay other fees associated with the sale so be prepared for that as well.

Because of the complex laws that stand in the state of North Carolina, it is advisable that you hire a foreclosure attorney before taking any sort of action and allow them to guide and advise you throughout the process. If you want to increase your chances of keeping your home or even being able to repurchase it during the redemption period, give us a call and let us connect you with a nearby attorney who can help you with this.