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Foreclosures in Mississippi are slowing down, but thousands still face the prospect of losing their home to foreclosure. You may be in a state of panic but don’t let it stop you from seeking advice. You need to learn the basics of foreclosure in Mississippi so you can act. It is unwise to delay action when the bank moves to foreclose on your home.

Foreclosure Basics in Mississippi

Non-judicial Foreclosure

Most foreclosures in Mississippi are handled through non-judicial foreclosure which means they are resolved outside of the court system. Mortgage lenders often ask borrowers to sign a deed of trust or power of sale when they sign their mortgage documents. If you signed one of the agreements mentioned earlier, you would forfeit your right to a judicial foreclosure.

Notice of Foreclosure

When a lender intends to foreclose, they must publish a notice of sale three weeks before the sale date. Mississippi law does not require a notice be sent to a borrower before selling a foreclosure. If you signed a deed of trust, a lender must send a 30-day notice of default before initiating a sale.

Foreclosing party must publish notice of sale three consecutive weeks before sale date and post a notice on the courthouse door. No notice need be mailed to Borrower under state law, though most deeds of trust require the foreclosing party to send a 30-day notice of default before acceleration

Below are some of the options you have if you want to fight foreclosure:

Ask for a forbearance

Negotiate a mortgage modification

Short sale

Declare bankruptcy

Unfortunately, Mississippi has fewer protections for troubled homeowners than other states. There are no protections from predatory lenders, and there is no right to redemption under Mississippi law, so homeowners must fight foreclosure to keep their home. Additionally, there are no special foreclosure procedures for service members in the state.

Why Do I Need a Foreclosure Attorney in Mississippi?

There are ways to avoid foreclosure in Mississippi, but you need an expert to show you the best course of action for your circumstances. can connect you with a foreclosure lawyer in Mississippi to explain what choices you have if you receive a foreclosure notice. You shouldn’t put off speaking to a lawyer, or you could miss your chance stop foreclosure. Fighting foreclosure is a hard task but well worth the effort. Talk to a legal expert to see why you shouldn’t let your home go.

To find a foreclosure lawyer near you in Mississippi just click on your county above and get the name and number of a skilled lawyer. We have a devoted team of lawyers who understand what your home means to you and will do whatever they can to make sure it stays in your hands. You have a lot more to lose than your home if you face foreclosure. Call and set up a consultation today.