Consult a Foreclosure Lawyer in Michigan

Have you missed a mortgage payment?  Has the bank sent you a foreclosure notice? Are you confused about your options? A foreclosure notice should be taken seriously, and you should contact a foreclosure lawyer near your location immediately.

What Are the Stages of Foreclosure in Michigan?

If you miss just one mortgage payment, a bank can move to foreclose on your home which is why you need to take action as soon as you get the foreclosure notice.

Below is a general outline of the foreclosure process:

Missed mortgage payment

Foreclosure notice sent out

Borrower given time to respond

Mortgage modification

Foreclosure auction

You may be eligible for assistance with delinquent mortgage taxes and property taxes by contacting or by calling 866-946-7432. You can also meet with a local housing counselor or contact a foreclosure attorney near you in Michigan. recommends you speak with a nearby foreclosure attorney as soon as you receive a foreclosure notice. The process moves quickly, and if want the opportunity to save your home from foreclosure, you need to get an expert’s advice.

Mortgage Modification

Some lenders are willing to work with delinquent homeowners and allow them to keep their homes by modifying their mortgage. A mortgage modification can have strict terms, but the effort is worth it if you are allowed

Sadly, a mortgage modification isn’t going to work for everyone and if you cannot afford to make mortgage payments don’t agree to the terms of a modification or you could put yourself further in debt.

Short Sale

If you agree to a short sale, you will not be able to keep your home, but you will reduce the amount you owe the bank. With a short sale, a mortgage lender agrees to take less for the sale of property.

Sheriff Sale

A sheriff sale or foreclosure auction is the next stage of the process if a short sale or mortgage modification is out of the question.


Michigan is one of the states that allow homeowners to redeem their property or repurchase after the Sheriff Sale. The redemption period usually begins 60 days after the Sheriff Sale but can last up to 12 months depending on the amount owed on a mortgage. To redeem a property, a borrower must pay the Sheriff sale amount and other applicable fees.

For the redemption period, a homeowner is allowed to live on a property rent-free as long as they maintain it and allow inspectors in to look at a property.

Above are just a few of the options you have to avoid losing your home. recommends you speak to a foreclosure lawyer near you in Michigan. They can explain your choices and help you decide which option is better considering your individual circumstances.

When you consult with one of our foreclosure attorneys in Michigan, they will explain the options you have to save your home or avoid having a foreclosure on your credit.  Set up a consultation today and learn what steps you need to take keep your home.