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The economic climate has been gloomy over the recent years and even hardworking, financially responsible Americans are finding it challenging to make ends meet of a day to day basis and a lot of them are unable to keep up with mortgage and debt payments. This will continue to happen until America has affordable health insurance and plenty of choice in the market place and taxes are lowered across the board.

It is a common misconception that bankruptcy is the manifestation of failure or financial recklessness, but this cannot be further than the truth. Events such as medical emergencies, accidents, illness, loss of job, etc. can leave anyone between a rock and hard place financially.

This is where comes into the picture. We are here every day helping anyone obtain the legal assistance they need. We help make the world a flatter place. We provide the light when sometimes there is only darkness.

What is bank foreclosure?

When a borrower defaults on their loan or mortgage repayments then the creditor may file suit against the borrower and initiate the legal process of bank foreclosure as the state laws of Iowa. The foreclosure basically involves acquiring the borrower’s home, sale or auction of the home, and then using the proceedings collected from the sale to pay off the outstanding debts of the borrower either in part or fully.

Of course it can be intimidating and downright scary to be faced with the prospect of losing your home. People who find themselves in such a predicament often think that they do not have any options. However, they actually do have legal options to get out of the rut and filing for bankruptcy is one of the most effective options in stopping the bank foreclosure process for good.

Types of bankruptcy

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