Homeowners and Condo associations affect millions of residents throughout the state of Florida and that number is increasing with the development of new neighborhoods. While these associations may have some fairly mundane purposes such as landscaping and garage collection, there is also the possibility that disputes between residents and associations can turn into lawsuits. It is helpful to learn about these regulations and how a lawyer may be able to help during a conflict in the Fort Walton Beach area.

Local controversies over HOAs in the Sunshine State

Regulations and rules passed by Homeowners Associations in Florida have been controversial over the last several years. This has caused a number of groups to push for various kinds of reforms. Many of the problems seem to stem from the fact that individuals and families often buy units in these communities without any awareness of the type of absurd regulations that can possibly affect them in the future. Buyers may be given a large document with bylaws that are riddled with fine print and difficult to understand legalese. Many realtors also want to sell homes as quickly as possible without getting bogged down in the details of an HOA agreement with their clients, so the information is never shared before the sale.

Some serious consequences of these regulations in the past have included things like an association attempting to put liens on homes for unpaid HOA fees. Under new legislation, HOAs must also register with Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation for oversight. Proponents of the new laws believe that this will make those on the association boards accountable for their actions.

Lawsuits against HOAs and COAs

Considering that some of these rules are difficult to understand and the consequences for violating them can be severe, it is beneficial to invest in the services of an attorney. Your lawyer can help explain the particular rules in force in your community as well as prevent board members from engaging in any unscrupulous and illegal conduct. In the past, residents have ended up in court with their associations over everything from unpaid administrative fees, to rules prohibiting pets, to association members engaging in criminal acts against their residents. A Fort Walton Beach condo association lawyer can help make sure that you do not become a victim of this kind of behavior, and that the association is acting within the boundaries of the law.

What are some ways that lawyers help associations and their residents?

Lawyers can create documents that update or improve upon existing regulations for the benefit of everyone in the community. They can also assist in the enforcement or removal of liens and covenants that have very important consequences regarding the ownership and use of property and land within a residential community.

Get help from a lawyer in Fort Walton Beach

To speak with an attorney who routinely handles cases related to homeowners and condo associations, contact ASG Legal. They can assist residents as well as association owners and members with various issues and conflicts.