Real estate transactions are often riddled with all kinds of issues that can create delays or even cause the entire deal to fall apart. However, lawyers can assist during this time to minimize overall risk and provide other advice.

The Northwest Florida Daily News published an advice column related to giving Fort Walton Beach area residents the best chance of completing their real estate transaction and close on the property without any significant problems.

Advice column regarding problems before closing

The main reader question was related to the timeframe when a buyer needs to present a final letter of commitment to the seller to finalize the transaction.

Usually the contract of sale will have specific language that deals with the final commitment letter and other details that will happen before and during the closing date. However, things like pre-approval and commitment letters almost always contain language which says the terms are subject to change, meaning nothing is totally concrete until the closing in most cases. Much of this is done to protect lenders from dispersing funds before they know the borrower will actually be completing the transaction.

Deadlines also change frequently throughout the process of buying or selling a piece of property. This can be due to higher volumes of work for agents, real estate lawyers, and other professionals, as well as the buyer or seller wanting to make changes. Anyone who has been through the process of buying a home knows how things seem to constantly change and more information may be needed at any given time up to the closing. Even the closing date itself is normally pushed back at least once.

Information was also given about protective measures that can help avoid the risk of failed transactions. Things like an early home inspection or limiting the sale to cash buyers can minimize the need for outside professionals and services. However, it is rare that a transaction will end in a short period of time without any obstacles. Buyers, sellers, agents, inspectors, and others involved in the process can make mistakes or changes which will affect everyone involved. Issues with financing, inspections, and even buyers remorse are the most common reasons why transactions are not completed. This can be extremely frustrating because it wastes significant amounts of time and money.

How to avoid problems during a real estate purchase or sale

One of the best ways to ensure your real estate transaction is completed is to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in this field. The can review contracts and other relevant documentation to make sure everything is in place to close without issue. Keep in mind that a specialist lawyer can perform these services whether you are dealing with residential or commercial property, buying an open piece of land, or many other common types of purchases.  

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