Certain parts of the Sunshine State have a history of foreclosures. Any resident in Florida can experience financial hardships that make it difficult or impossible to make their mortgage payments on time. It can only take a few months before the lender will look to foreclose on the property and initiate formal legal proceedings against the borrower. . 

A news report focused on the fall of the planned community of Celebration in Florida and the financial problems of homeowners. 

The downfall of the Celebration neighborhood

The Walt Disney Company was involved in the planning of the town that opened in 1995, which was supposed to represent an idealized 1950s suburban neighborhood. A number of codes were enforced in the town to make sure lawns were maintained, commercial vehicles could not be parked there, and no fast food or retail chains were located inside the development. This uniformity was all meant to maintain the illusion of living in a simpler, quieter time.  

However, despite the external appearance, the community did start to experience significant problems. Some of the residents made low wages at nearby Disney parks and resorts, and had trouble affording the cost of living. The town had a very real segregation problem. Students were leaving the local school because their policy was to not assign traditional grades. In a short time span in 2010, there was both a murder in the neighborhood and a man who committed suicide after a police standoff. 

Most importantly, the recession had hit the Florida real estate market hard, and many small business owners who lived in the area had to close up. A number of homes in Celebration become foreclosures. Around this same time, issues emerged due to the fact that a private sector real estate firm based out of New York bought most of the shared communal buildings and retail spaces in 2004. These were seriously neglected in the following years. It got so bad that the residents eventually filed a class action lawsuit against the firm in 2016 for millions of dollars. While this was going on, many residents had trouble paying maintenance fees and other expenses, and they began to leave. 

The litigation is still ongoing, and the town has a number of issues that residents are dealing with currently, or choosing to move elsewhere. 

Problems caused by the foreclosure process 

Foreclosures can be devastating for people who have experienced a sudden job loss or other financial problems. Fortunately, there are some things that an attorney who focuses on this area of the law can do to assist you. Lenders may not have executed the mortgage documentation properly. They could have made other mistakes that prevent them from verifying the debt that you owe. At times, they can also attempt to use improper tactics to get borrowers to pay. A foreclosure defense lawyer will make sure you only subjected to formal legal action, and the lender is following all relevant laws and regulations.  

Get legal help before losing your home

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