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In this day and age, foreclosure is a rather common problem among many property holders throughout the title theory state of Colorado. If you are behind on your dues, the lender can take action against you when he wants to. There might be many whose homes have been wrongly sold or face foreclosure in the near future.

You may find yourself at the end of non-judicial foreclosure in Colorado and in a few days your house might be sold if you do not act quickly. Non-judicial foreclosures process very quickly. In Colorado a third party trustee is appointed to handle the foreclosure case in an impartial manner.

If you are in this situation then you need legal help. The fabulous news is that you are in the right place and with just a couple keystrokes and mouse clicks you can have a zealous and astute legal representative helping you get through this situation. You will not be the first person has helped out. We built this site for moments just like this.

The foreclosure method in Colorado

When you are behind on your payments, the lender will issue you a notice via the Colorado Public Trustee System. The foreclosure process will start with a rule 120 hearing. At this point of time your best option is to seek sound legal advice.

Your legal rep will guide you throughout the hearing since this meeting is critical. The sole purpose of the meeting for the lender is to pursue the rights to sell your home. There are two points of interest in the conference. One, if you are military personnel, and two, if you are negligent on payments. If the lender gets the right, he will be able to publicly auction the house and you will be evicted from your house.

There are many cases where the lender does not get his full compensation from the sale of the house and may file litigation against you for the deficiency balance. This means that you will have to pay the amount which was not obtained by the lender from the vending of the property. The lender can issue you a 1099 forgiveness of debt notice and you will be required to pay him the remaining amount.

The judicial method of foreclosure is rare in Colorado since it is a tedious process. Foreclosure in Colorado is quite different from other states.

You will need a Colorado foreclosure legal pro if you want to save your house. You will have to hire someone who knows the laws of the state and how to use them, a person who can guide you all the way and also knows how to negotiate. We have the legal pros that you need. Our legal counselors have these skills and know how to attack these types of cases.

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  • Colorado Rule 120 foreclosure hearings
  • Judicial foreclosures
  • HOA foreclosures
  • Home loan modifications
  • Bank settlements/litigation
  • Post-foreclosure evictions
  • Cash for keys settlements, and more

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