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Fort Walton Beach area residents can prepare for the possibility of foreclosure and seek legal representation to protect their rights

Certain parts of the Sunshine State have a history of foreclosures. Any resident in Florida can experience financial hardships that make it difficult or impossible to make their mortgage payments on time. It can only take a few months before the lender will look to foreclose on the property and initiate formal legal proceedings against […]


Does a realtor have to disclose stigmatized property as a defect in Garfield Colorado?

  Division of Real Estate. The Colorado Division of Real Estate oversees legal action and overall governance of Colorado property, while performing many statewide functions. One of the most important functions is to make sure real estate brokers and appraisers are properly trained.  The Division of Real Estate aims to teach these respective positions about […]


How can an attorney help during a conflict with a residential community association in Fort Walton Beach?

Homeowners and Condo associations affect millions of residents throughout the state of Florida and that number is increasing with the development of new neighborhoods. While these associations may have some fairly mundane purposes such as landscaping and garage collection, there is also the possibility that disputes between residents and associations can turn into lawsuits. It […]