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Before we move onto the different types of foreclosure’s and what the state laws in Alaska regarding foreclosure are like, let us first address the question of what exactly a foreclosure is.

Effectively, foreclosure is the legal process where a debtor who has failed to make payments to the creditor is forcibly made to move out of their home and the creditor sells the home in a kind of public auction which is generally held at the courthouse.

Important Facts about Alaska Foreclosure Laws

  • Are judicial foreclosures available in Alaska? Yes they are!
  • Are non-judicial foreclosures available in Alaska? Yes they are!
  • What is the primary security instrument as per Alaskan state foreclosure laws? The deed of trust, the mortgage.
  • How long does the process of foreclosure generally take? Varies from one case to the other, 90 days on average.
  • Will you have the right of redemption in an Alaskan foreclosure case as the debtor? It depends from one case to the other; you may or may not.
  • Are deficiency judgments allowed in Alaska? Once again, it varies from one foreclosure case to the next, it may be allowed in one and not in the other, depends on the specifics of the case in hand.

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Judicial Foreclosure

As you may have gathered from the quick facts section above, both judicial foreclosures and non-judicial foreclosures are recognized and allowed as per the Alaskan state laws. So what is a judicial foreclosure?

In the judicial process of foreclosure, when a debtor has failed to make payments to his or her creditors then the creditor cannot simply put up the debtor’s home for sale in order to make up for the losses. They will first be required as a mandate to file a case and receive all necessary approvals from the court. This is essentially a court order before they can proceed and put up the home of the debtor for sale.

When it comes to judicial foreclosure, the process will be executed in accordance with the rules of equity, there is no right of redemption, deficiency suits are allowed, and generally the property is sold to the highest bidder which could be someone you do not care for but that is another topic.

Non-judicial Foreclosures

A non-judicial foreclosure is followed or permissible when the contract or agreement between the creditor and debtor has a clause known as the “power of sale” wherein the debtor has agreed that in case of non-payment, the creditor can go ahead and sell their home without a court order.

There is separate power of sale foreclosure guidelines for such processes.

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