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For the most part, foreclosure laws are state specific. In Alabama, foreclosure laws are rather different from most other states in the country.

If you are not able to keep up with your house payments and you miss out on a payment or two, then the mortgage company or the creditors will go get the ball rolling and initiate the process of foreclosure. The so called foreclosure process really is not much of a process. Effectively, they will force you to move out of your home and then sell it.

What you need to note about the foreclosure laws in Alabama is that it is, unlike most other states, a non-judicial foreclosure state. In layman terms, it basically means that your home can be sold by the creditors without them even having to file a lawsuit prior to doing so.

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What are the main steps in an Alabama foreclosure procedure?

This is basically how the foreclosure process works in the state of Alabama:

  • Generally, the process will be initiated by the mortgage company when you have missed around 3 to 4 payments on your house loan. The exact number of payments that may be missed before the process is started is not fixed and can vary depending on which mortgage company you are dealing with.
  • You will receive a letter from the mortgage company stating that they have decided to initiate the foreclosure process since you have missed out on payments. However, this is not a mandatory and sometimes they may start the process without as much as notifying you.
  • One thing which is mandatory for the mortgage company to do is that they will have to publish a “notice of foreclosure sale” for three weeks consecutively in at least one local newspaper.
  • Once the notice has been live in a local newspaper for three weeks or more, the mortgage company can now sell your home.
  • To add salt to the wound, this sale of your home will usually happen at the courthouse itself, which is generally outside the steps of the courthouse.
  • Once your home is successfully sold, the lawyers representing the mortgage company will send you a legal letter declaring to you that your house has now been sold and that you need to move out or you will be evicted.
  • You now have ten days to vacate the home. If you take even a day longer, then you will lose your right of redemption.
  • In case you have not moved out, matters will then be handled by the sherriff’s office.

How to find a legal representative

If you happen to be in such a predicament, we suggest that you move out as soon as possible and reach out to a profound Alabama foreclosure lawyer. The sooner you do so the better your chances of a favorable outcome are. A legal expert can help suggest the best course of action to get your home and life back on track.

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