Detroit, MI- A single mother in Detroit, who is suffering from cancer, is not only in a battle to beat her disease, but is also fighting to save her home, so she took some unusual measures. Kelly Parker covered her home in graffiti to discourage buyers, which included phrases such as “We will not be moved,” “This is our Home,” and “Mine.”

“Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and it’s to the point where they want to do brain surgery tomorrow and I just found all this out. So them trying to evict me out of my house and sell my house, I’m not going anywhere,” Parker, 37, told local news station WJBK.

Parker purchased her home in 2005 for herself and her two sons, but fell behind when her mortgage doubled and now owes $12,000 in back taxes. But instead of suffering alone, feeling ashamed she has taken her problem to the street.

“What we are trying to now is stop the sale of the home at auction so that we have the opportunity to buy it from the city free of the mortgage company,” Parker said.

If she can delay the foreclosure, Parker will be able to get the treatment she needs and give her a little more time with her sons.

While foreclosure attorneys have been effective and helped many people save their homes, there have been instances where a public outcry has prevented numerous evictions across the country.